Baldur (the strong) is told to be the most good-hearted of all the Gods. He is so incredibly handsome that he literally shines with light. His renowned beauty has led to the flower Baldurbrow being named after him. Hahahahahahahah . All of the Gods revere his masculinity and beauty.

Family: His father is Odin and his mother is Frigg. He belongs to the Äsir bloodline. His only true sibling is Hermod. His wife is Nanna, and they have a wonderous son called Forseti.

House: His home in Gudeheim is Breidablik (the glimmering hall), and is told to be the safest place in the world. After his foretold death, he will reside in Helheim and be Hel's most honored guest.

Flaw: He is easily the most forgiving and naive among the Gods, and this leads to his intentions and judgements constantly being subject to change.

Belongings: Baldur owns Hringhorni, known as the greatest of all ships. After his death, Baldur was gifted with Odin's self-replicating ring Draupne. However, he returns the ring to his father when Hermod seeks him out in the depths of Hell.

Baldur's Death: Balder puts great faith in his dreams. Once, he dreamt about his imminent death. this led to his mother demanding every element and organism in the world to swear an oath not to hurt Baldur. Frigg only left out the mistletoe, thinking it was too young to swear an oath. However, when the mischeivous Loki heard about this, he tricked the blind Hod to shoot an arrow made of mistletoe at Baldur when the Gods were having fun joking around while trying to kill the invulnerable Baldur. Hod's arrow became Baldurs bane.

Fate: Baldur's death is said to be the first of the chain of events leading to Ragnarok. When Ragnarok breaks loose upon the world, Hell loses it's grip on all it's inhabitants, and Baldur is released to fight once again alongside his fellow Gods. He is one of the few to survive Ragnarok, and returns to Gudeheim with Hod, to rebuild their world and reclaim their lost knowledge and runic powers.