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Gudeheim (Realm of the Gods) is the magnificent home world of the pantheon of Gods known as the Äsir. It is the fourth in the spectrum of the nine worlds in Norse Mythology and borders to Vaneheim and Manneheim.

The realm is believed to exist on the top of an impenetrable mountain range in the middle of Manneheim.

Gudeheims ruler is Odin, perhaps the most famous of the Norse Gods, also known as the all-father.

The castle Asgard, with its famous guild hall Valhalla, lies in Gudeheim, among a vast number of other golden and awe-inspiring structures.

The most holy place in Gudeheim is the Urdar Wellspring, located where one of the three roots of Yggdrasil emerges. The Gods often hold their councils at this sacred location. The Urdar Wellspring is also where the Norns, the godesses of destiny, make their home.

Gudeheim is connected to the outside world through the rainbow bridge known as Bifrost, which is guarded day and night by Heimdall, the ever vigilant guardian of the Gods.